The reason I get the best out of my kids is that I share my passion with them.


As an Educator I am committed to improving the education experience for every student by harnessing Student led learning, student centered learning, the learning community and knowledge sharing. I care deeply about helping students become global citizens, find their own passion and voice, giving them the tools and creating the magic to make their own happiness.


Most existing education systems and traditional settings do not recognise the way that individuals learn, and individuals struggle as a result. The world needs individuals, creative thinkers and innovators, but we are teaching conformity to ultimately pass tests. We need to be teaching our youth life skills and mentoring them to explore their interests and boost their confidence.


Currently I am working on an alternative school program to include coaching, facilitating, mentoring, real world studies and experiences as I am passionate about making a difference to our future adults.


How can I help you?

I am available for meetings, professional development, consulting, group dynamics, events, mentoring, public speaking and training for teams and for children. I can also help with home learning and home school programs