Dubai Today: So You Think You Can Dance?

#DubaiToday From 11am: So You Think You Can Dance?

Washington DC native tap dancer and choreographer Chloe Arnold and her Syncopated Ladies join Suzanne in the studio from 11am! They are the critically acclaimed first female tap dance band rocking the US on “So You Think You Can Dance” and have since performed on TV, film and stage around the globe, blending fast feet, fierce rhythms and a feminine glamorous touch. Chloe and her Syncopated Ladies are on a tap mission, to deliver rhythm, style and empowerment across the world and are now in Dubai!

Between May 22nd and June 1st, The Syncopated Ladies will be in Dubai, hosting a series of classes and bringing their wildly successful Syncopated Ladies Boot Camp to the UAE. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level Dancers are invited to spend 6 hours learning from the Syncopated Ladies themselves and hangin’ with some of the fiercest women in the business. With limited places, the Syncopated Ladies Boot Camp promises to not only be the dance event of the year, blending Hip Hop, Afro Funk, Salsa and Rhythm and Improvisation, but also a fantastic journey of personal empowerment.

Watch Chloe perform live on air!

To find out more about the For the Love of Dance event in Dubai at Deira International School, please contact Suzanne Clandon


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